The new SF Tower

Functionality & Design - for hygienic contact in public places. Never has hygiene and disinfection been as important as today. We want to protect ourselves and our surroundings and not transfer viruses and bacteria.

With our flexible solutions we can position dispensers everywhere, even in the smallest spaces.
We can also install them, if required.
Also available in your club colours!


SF Tower Basic

The SF Tower is a mobile column for every commercially available disinfection dispenser. Light enough to set up easily, but heavy enough to not topple over, the hygiene column is flexibly usable and positionable.
In its timeless grey-white the SF Tower Basic blends into the overall appearance of its surroundings and is ideal for interior areas.


SF Tower Deluxe

If you like flashiness, then the SF Tower Deluxe in modern metallic grey with a drip tray is right for you. This version is suitable for outdoor areas due to its ktl and powder coating. At an extra surcharge we can coat in your club colours.


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