Safety cannot be bought off the shelf. SecuFence is the specialist for flexible and safe fence and blocking systems. In collaboration with the customer, and according to these principles, we develop individual solutions for their special requirements.

Intensive consultation, thought through planning and production on site guarantee a high degree of innovation throughout all production stages.

The SecuFence specials of today are the standards of tomorrow.


The SecuFence spectator block separation system for football stadiums and event arenas

The block separation systems allow you to divide your stadium or event arena into entirely individual in sectors, create additional puffer zones or completely separate specific areas without structural changes.


In the past, many metres of solid fencing were erected in football stadiums and event halls, to build blocks and separate spectators from each other. This has changed progressively, in modern arenas permanent fences or other rigid facilities are rarely found.

Stadiums should be open and free, in order to meet the constantly rising demands of the „Guest and customer“ spectator. Fans should be able to enjoy the experience „Football“ to the full and not be locked behind bars.

Even the newest generation of mobile glass fence elements are optically unattractive for the spectator and have many disadvantages for the operator.

They are expensive to buy, heavy and bulky, thus difficult to move. They have to be firmly screwed into position and are therefore less flexible as regards usage sites.


Our solution:

A tear-proof tarpaulin with a smooth surface covers, from top to bottom, two, three or more seating rows in the direction of the playing field. With the help of a steel cable construction a tunnel is formed over these seats, the tarpaulin is stretched and held in place by this construction.

The tunnel does not impair the unobstructed view of the field, does not look like a foreign body, but rather inconspicuous. However, it has a great deterrent effect on the audience, as everyone immediately recognizes that climbing is only possible with the acceptance of many unknowns and is therefore fraught with a great risk.


The surface is slippery with nothing to hold onto. The tarpaulin has in-built invisible steel cables that ensure the necessary stability of the complete system.

The lower steel cables are fixed to existing seat constructions, so that the tarpaulin can only be minimally pulled upwards. Crawling under it is extremely difficult and very time consuming. The spectators can see and feel these qualities and realize that overcoming the barrier is very risky.

The system has already been used at major events such as the Confederations Cup 2005 in Hannover, FIFA WM 2006 in Munich, Stuttgart and Nuremberg, the Champions League and friendly games, as well as at the WTC Biathlon World Cup in the Veltins Arena auf Schalke and has proven their worth.

Not only the police but also security services and organizers have complete confidence in the system and have given excellent references for its optical appearance.

The system can be adapted to all existing conditions, without any additional building measures or surface work requirements. Large areas, long stretches, individual areas and even single seats can be covered.

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